Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving and then some for under $50!

The deals at Scolari's in San Luis are amazing this week! Plus, they've started Double Ad Wednesday so you can take advantage of 2 weeks worth of advertisements in the same shopping trip!! Let me know if anyone visits this store as I am curious to know if I understand their doubling policy correctly. Below are the match ups for this week through Nov 24th...

What I would buy....

  • Nabisco Crackers, $1.99 each, buy 2

Use $1/2 Q fm SS 11/13, doubles

Final Price: $2 for both

  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix, $1 each

Use $0.75 off Cake mix and frosting Q fm GM 11/13, doubles but not over cost

Final Price: Free plus cost of frosting (should be great price around $2)

  • Mrs. Smith’s Pie, $3.50 each
  • Cool Whip, $0.99 each
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, $1.69 each, buy 2

Use $0.40/2 Q fm GM 11/13, doubles

Final Price: $2.58 for both

  • Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, $1.99 each, buy 2

Use $0.40/2 Q fm GM 11/13, doubles

Final Price: $2.58 for both

  • Russet Potatoes, 5lb bag, $0.99 each
  • Apples, several varieties, $0.99/lb, buy 2lbs
  • Oranges $0.50/lb, buy 4 lbs
  • Yams/Sweet Potatoes $0.50/lb, buy 4lbs
  • Fresh Express Salads 2/$4
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, $1.25 each, buy 4

Use $1/2 printable Q fm Wounded Warrior Project, doubles

Final Price: $1 for all 4

  • Stove-top Stuffing, $0.99 each, buy 2

Final Price: $2 for both

  • Swanson Broth, $0.89 each, buy 2 (you will need this to make stuffing tasty)

Use $0.40/2 Q fm SS 11/6, doubles

Final Price: $0.97 for both

  • Eco-Foil Rack Roaster $0.99 each (this assumes you don’t have a roasting pan)
  • Norbest Turkey 20 lb turkey $9.97 (approx $0.50/lb, with min $25 post-coupon total)
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese, $1.25 each, buy 2

Use $0.60/2 fm SS 11/6, doubles

Final Price: $1.30 for both

  • Sara Lee Bread, $2.79 each

Use $0.65/1 Q fm RP 10/23, doubles

Final Price: $1.49

  • Ore-Ida Tater Tots, $2.50 each, buy 2

Use $1/1 printable Q fm Wounded Warrior Project, doubles

Final Price $1 for both

Total $43.37

Now, it’s entirely possible that my math is wrong as I’ve never had the pleasure of shopping somewhere that doubles coupons, but...even if they did not double, this shopping list would only cost you...$49.07, so give it a shot and see how it goes!

What I would make with this....

Breakfasts: Cinnamon Rolls (each can makes 8? so this should last a few mornings)

Cranberry Sauce mixed with Yogurt left over fm last shopping trip

Egg sandwiches (eggs and milk are not mentioned above and are assumed, if you don’t have them, but want to stick to the above budget, drop the crackers first.)

Lunches: Turkey sandwiches (bread, turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese) served with tater tots

Do you have Bologna left over fm last week?

Dinners: Traditional turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls, and salad

Leftovers for days!!!

Desserts: Pie with Cool Whip

Cake and frosting (if you don’t have eggs and oil, sub in a can of cola!)

Snacks: Crackers with cream cheese (and cranberries if you like)

See? Things are already looking up in your kitchen! Not only do you get a full Thanksgiving meal, you get to have dessert!! Now, if someone is cooking your T-giving meal elsewhere, that’s great, but I still encourage you to take advantage of this shopping/menu plan. And, as always, bring home leftovers to make these groceries go even farther!

Check out for a recipe for Citrus Butter Chicken.

Have more ingredients in your pantry to add? Use to create meals using what you have on hand!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping in San Luis for $35!!

For all my friends in San Luis, Pismo, and surrounding cities, did you know that Scolari’s doubles coupons!?! Here’s my first coupon match-up for this store, but hurry, these deals are only good through tomorrow! I will try and post more soon.

Disclaimer: The plan I lay out at the bottom is assuming you have zero stockpile- an empty pantry. This plan is intended to get you fed while building your stock. As you accumulate items at stock-up prices, your Out Of Pocket will fall since you no longer need to purchase things at full price. If, however, you have a small stock, you may be able to eliminate some items. Therefore, I have listed whether I think things are good prices or not. Enjoy!

Scolari’s Deals (Good thru 11/16)

  • Post Cereals (includes Honeycomb, Fruity Pebbles, or Cocoa Pebbles)

Sale Price 2/$4

Use $1/2 Post Cereals printable coupon fm, doubles to $2

Total $2 for 2 boxes of cereal (stock up price)

  • Digiorno Pizza (looks like these are the pizza/side combos)

Sale Price $6.49

Use $1.25/1 coupon fm RP 10/16

Total $5.25 (decent price)

  • Bar-S Bologna

Sale Price $1.59

Buy 2, use $0.75/2 fm RP 10/23, doubles to $1.50 off/2

Total $1.68 for 2 (or $0.84/ea which is a stock up price)

  • Mountain High Yogurt, 32 oz

Sale price $2.49

Use $0.50/1 fm SS 10/23, doubles to $1

Total $1.50 each (stock up price)

  • Fuji Apples- $0.99/lb (good price)
  • Hass Avocados- 2/$0.88 (stock up price)
  • Red Potatoes- $0.79/lb (poor price but oh so good!)
  • Del Monte Canned Vegetables- $0.89/ea
  • Bay View Farms Pan Bread- $1.88 (good price)
  • Assorted Pork Chops $1.97/lb (good price)

Here’s what I would buy...

4 boxes of cereal (uses 2 Q’s which is what you can usually print w/1 computer)- $4

2 loaves bread- $3.76

4 packs bologna- $3.36

2 tubs yogurt- $3

4 lbs of Fuji Apples- $4

3 lbs of Pork Chops- $6

4 cans of veggies- $3.56

2.5 lbs of Red Potatoes- $1.98

1 Digiorno Pizza- $5.25 (this is pricey, but a nice treat if you are trying to avoid eating out)

Total OOP: $34.91 plus tax

Here’s what I would make with that...

Breakfasts: Cereal

Lunches: Bologna sandwiches with avocado (sounds gross but it’s yummy and has “good fats” instead of the kind in mayo), serve with Fuji Apples (reserve 5)

Snacks: Yogurt (mix with honey or sugar to sweeten and sprinkle with cereal for a crunch!)

Dinners: Pork Chops with Homemade Applesauce (take 5 reserved apples, peel and chop, throw in crockpot with generous sprinkle of cinnamon, cook on low 3 hours till soft, cool a bit and puree in blender), mashed red potatoes, and canned veggies

Digiorno for a treat!

This should get you through at least 4-5 days, plus you’ve started a stockpile! If you can’t afford $35, I’d cut the Digiorno first. Remember, you can freeze lunch meat, bread, and yogurt!

Please let me know if you have any troubles doubling coupons! And, as always, I recommend printing and taking the store's coupon policy to be sure you get what they promise. ;) Happy Shopping!