Monday, May 6, 2013

Biggest Home Improvement Yet!...But not any prettier...

Hey, you know what isn't fun to see?This.
This, my peeps, is a water stain. More commonly known as "Oh crap! Where's the guy with the thing that you turn and it stops the water and stuff." Or, at least that's how I have referred to it.  We had to have our entire house re-piped. The. Whole. Freaking. House.
 If someone says to you, "Hey, this house has 3/4" Galvanized pipes." Politely sprint away.
 So, ya. Not too much fun, and it hasn't made our house any prettier which is pretty disappointing considering it cost somewhere around a small car.
On the up-side, it was really fun to see these horrid wallpapers and paint colors die a rather violent death. I don't even feel bad. (You know when people shoot the zombie, and you're like, "Ah. That was a person once. It's kind of sad."? None of that.) Whoever did this to our Just no. So, expect a lot of posts with room reveals very soon....and they will definitely be on a budget! In fact, I have so much to do around the casa that it's going to be a legit, full home makeover. I'm talking, teach her to use a blow-dryer, take her glasses away, consult Molly Ringwald kind of makeover. I may even make a video montage. So, get ready for that.

In the meantime, we are still doing a bit of cleanup (which I hope excuses my absence from el blog.) I think you'll forgive that when you see how cute my kid is putting putty on the wall with a spatula.
And, what do you do when you can't stay in your house, let alone paint and redecorate? 
Add to the hoard!!
I've had some pretty awesome-sauce days at my local Goodwill locations.
Never underestimate the lure of a snacky cup and a choice of $2 guitars for a 2 year-old. I'm pretty lucky that he puts up with my time-consuming "digs."

Oh snap, son!
Check you later.