Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scarf it down!

I have a confession to make...
I hoard old t-shirts.
I pin all kinds of things to do with them, but ultimately, the pile just grows.
I hate having a zillion pins and zero finished projects.
So this month, I'm on a mission to craft it up or get it out.
 Today, I made a few scarfs.

The first one, I lobbed off the bottom and cut in some fringe. Not my favorite, but maybe with some turquoise necklaces....meh.

 The second one was a little high-low sweater that fell apart in the wash. I just cut off the bottom and doubled it over on itself for 2 loops. Much cuter.

Last but not least, a shirt I got for Christmas. LOOOOOOVVVV-ed it, but despite following the wash directions, it shrunk up about 4 inches. Crop top? No bueno. But as a scarf, it's my favorite of the bunch.

3 new accessories in just a few minutes. And 3 shirts out of the hoard! Booyah!