Thursday, June 2, 2011

Albertsons- spent $69, saved $150!! 70% savings!

If you're new to couponing, you probably focus mostly on the health and beauty products, but are mystified and intimidated by getting the same kind of savings on real groceries. Well, no more! I am declaring war on the groceries stores, and you should join my army! Above is a picture of my grocery haul for today. I spent $69 on over $220 worth of food. That's a 70% savings in a town with no double coupons!!!

Hopefully you know how to find the best prices in the store- use the weekly ad (in your mailbox) and match it up with your coupons, whether you already have them or you need to print them online. Many sights will do these matchups for you ( is great as she lives in Bakersfield and will give you local deals by store), but they mainly focus on the rock-bottom prices, and forget that you may not be able to eat off of 6 bottles of pasta sauce alone. So, you'll have to do your own homework as well. There are a few steps to making a money-saving list....

The key is to focus your shopping dollars into categories. First, plan to buy the items that are at "stock-up" prices- see to learn more about stockpiling, its purpose, and -key- stockpile price points. Second, buy the items that are slightly higher than your stockpile price, but you have none of (this is obviously only for those who are just starting their stock like me.) It's better to pay a good, if not great, price now than to pay more later when you have to have it and you have zero stock. Third, buy the items you need to survive this week (or 2 weeks if that's how you shop). This will be determined by what you have on hand as well as what's on sale, combined to create menus. I know. This is getting complicated. Do your list in pencil, or like me, re-write it several times to check your numbers. If you feel you'll be over-budget, eliminate what you can from the 2nd and 3rd categories above. Try not to sacrifice the stockpile items, as this will pay off greater in the long run.

Now, I'm just starting out, so I can't claim to be an expert. That's why I encourage you to go check out my favorite sights listed above. I'm merely here to be an encouragement. They will show you the ropes.

For those of you interested, here's what I got today:
10- jars of baby food (coupon on 3 of them)
1- 12pack of toilet paper (sale, no coupon)
4- cans tomato sauce (sale, no coupon)
1- can diced tomatoes (sale, no coupon)
1- can coffee (sale, no coupon)
10- Lipton Knorr side dishes (sale plus coupon)
6- jars Ragu pasta sauce (sale plus coupon)
12- boxes Ronzoni pasta (sale plus coupon)
4- Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers (sale plus coupon)
8- bottles Wishbone dressing (sale plus coupon)
2- cans Las Palmas enchilada sauce (sale plus store coupon plus mfr coupon)
1- box Emerald Breakfast on the go (sale plus coupon plus doubler)
2- boxes of Lipton tea bags (sale plus coupon) > must have for my MIL when babysitting ;)
8- jars Peter Pan peanut butter (sale plus coupon) > not my preferred brand, but cheap!!
1- package of Weight Watchers cheese wedges >no sale or coupon, but needed for recipe
2- blocks of Albertsons cheese (store coupon in circular/weekly ad)
2- 1 lb packages of ground beef (store coupon from summer savings book)
1- 30 oz Rotisserie chicken ($0.99 with 10 Knorr sides purchase above)
2- yellow onions
1- 3lb bag of apples

What are you waiting for? Start saving money on real food!!

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