Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vote for Me! Please Help!

Ok, so if you haven't already heard about Vintage Revivals, yet, where have you been?!?!
There's this gal, Mandi, who does amazing Epic Room Makeovers.....and I wanna win one!!!!
All I need is a mess of people to vote for me!
Watch this funny video then scroll down for more pictures!!!

Here's why we need this:

1. Popcorn ceiling with 70's recessed lighting.

2. Mystery stain! Ew.

3. Ghetto-rigged curtain sitch-y-ation.

4. No headboard, and that's just stupid.

5. Dated, too-short bedside tables.

6. Black moulding. I'm talking black baseboards, people.

7. We have a tiny little bathroom that also needs some Mandiliciousness. It's all functional, it just needs some lovin'. I've already taken the hideous Moulin Rouge wallpaper border off so it's pretty much half done! Right?

8. There's virtually nothing on the walls. No mirrors, no pictures, no decor except hand-me downs and an alarm clock that we still can't work after 8 years of marriage.

9. Mismatched doors.

10. It's U-G-L-Y, and it ain't got no alibi!

Why hasn't it been done yet?
1. Ever try a remodel project with a feral 2 year old running around?

2. After buying this house, we sunk what little decor budget we had into replacing all the stuff the previous owners "liberated"- i.e. ceiling fans, light fixtures, fireplace mantle, the back door, etc. We had to repaint the front of the house since it was a lovely shade of "Buffalo Pee". There were also a lot of 1/2-done projects that had to be finished like "framing doors" and "changing locks". Hey, how do you type air quotes? Then we got pregnant and had said feral child. So...ya, he's kept us pretty busy. ;)

Have I convinced you yet? Please help by voting for me! Visit Vintage Revivals now!


  1. Brittany Bingham will you marry me?! SUCH a fab video and you are amazing! Thank you so much for entering!!

    Love your guts

    1. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Haha! Our house will be awesome-sauce. ;) Thanks for doing such a super cool giveaway.


  2. Love the video!! So fun! I hope you win!

  3. Ha! You are too cute...I lol'd more than once watching your video. If I wasn't trying to win too I would vote for you! ;) But seriously good luck...Mandi could do awesome things in your room!

  4. LOVE the video! Very cute! If I weren't a contestant myself, I'd TOTALLY vote for you!


  5. Thanks y'all! Hope I win, but good luck to all! I can't believe all the cute entries.

  6. Okay. Your video is huh-larious! i entered and really really want to win, but if i don't, i hope you do!