Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Curious George Birthday Party

My friend Kristin just threw the most adorable Curious George party for her little girl's 1st birthday!

We were so excited to attend since she is my little guy's bff. I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but I picked up a lot of great ideas from her brilliant decorations! Tables were topped with stuffed Georges as well as books checked out of the library. Can you say "free"? Amen.

All the snacks were laid out so thoughtfully and so baby-friendly!

Those are just disposable shot glasses from the Dollar Tree filled with yogurt melts, and Kristin printed custom labels for the tops of the fruit cups. Genius. Frugal. Spectacular. Stealing.

You have to love the yellow hat left behind by George's friend. It's just a sombrero from the Dollar Tree spray painted and adorned with kiddy puzzles!

The favors for the kiddy's were Curious George activity packs and books, bubbles, and socks. Many of the items just happened to pop up in Target the week beforehand. You have to love that! Favors for the adults were these perfect sugar cookies made by a friend of the family. They were delicious and such exquisite work!
I only wish I had a picture of the adorable yellow-hat-shaped smash cake that our friend Renee made, but alas, my arms were full of my own cupcake-hungry boy.

There you have it! Hope these pics inspire your next party!

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