Monday, March 5, 2012

Less Moolah, More Style!

I love to window shop. You know why? Because I like to dream and be creative. When you don't have the budget to buy the things you like though, it can get a bit depressing. This especially gets me down when I have money, but I can't remember what I wanted to buy. I figure it must not have been that great if I can't remember it. I end up picking out something that's less than fantastic and dress just "eh". When I discovered Pinterest, I started "pinning" all these outfits thinking, "When I have the money, I'll get it." The problem is, all those pins lead to where you can find the prices and....sheesh! No. Never. Even if I won the lottery. I would not spend $1,200 on a purse. No. So, I've started my own Polyvore account and begun creating "budget" outfits. I will post them here from time to time since many of you do not follow me on Pinterest. That way, if you like what you see, you can grab a cutie-patootie outfit for very little money. Hope this helps you save money in another aspect of your life!

Seeing Double

Blonde Blonde striped dress
£30 -

Blue wrap dress
£20 -

H m blazer
£25 -

H m blazer
£25 -

Mango zipper bag
£27 -

Forever 21 beaded ring
$5.80 -

Forever 21 beaded ring
$3.80 -

Forever 21 cable chain necklace
$1.50 -

Forever 21 heart chain necklace
$6.80 -

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