Monday, February 28, 2011

My vanity sunk my savings

Once again, the ladies at have turned me on to some great savings. This week, I got a Sunday paper and clipped, clipped, clipped the coupons. Then, I waited somewhat impatiently for The Frugal Girls to do the math for me. Here's how I made out this week....

Excedrin Extra Strength Express Gels (20 count)- Regularly priced $3.59
Used $3/1 Target coupon
plus $1/1 Excedrin mftr coupon
Total- Free!!! Plus, I snagged a bottle that included a free 8ct. sample of Excedrin PM!!!

Secret Clinical strength (travel size)- Regularly priced $2.49
Used $2/1 mftr coupon
Total- $0.49

Lean Cuisine Entrees- Regularly priced $2.49 each
Sale $1.80 each
Used $1.10/2 mftr coupon
Total- $2.40 for 2, which is $1.20 each

Nice & Easy Foam hair color - Regularly priced $9.99
Used $1/1 Target coupon
Plus $3/1 mftr coupon
Total- $5.99

Now, the hair color was not something found at the Frugal Girls, but I wanted it and I had 2 coupons so... come on! It was still a good buy. All said, I spent just $8.45 for everything pictured above, and since I used a gift card, it was free to me.

Total percentage of savings- 62%
If my Vanity had not gotten the better of me- 74%

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