Thursday, February 23, 2012

Increasing Income- Ebates

Have you tried yet? No? Well, get on it. I just got my first check from them (pictured above) and it was so easy. Here's how it works:

1. Sign up- You don't even have to give them your address, etc. until later. You just provide a name and working email, and you're in.
2. Shop online- Start at, login (of course), select the store you want to shop online, click that store, and Ebates will open a "ticket number" which tracks how much you spend at that online store. They then credit your Ebates account with a percentage of your purchase price back! I've seen percentages anywhere from 1-20%!!! You earn money back on every purchase made through Ebates.
3. Get paid- When you're ready, provide your mailing address, etc., and they will mail you a check for all the money you've earned.

Now, I don't recommend shopping online just to get cash back. You often won't be able to use coupons or coupon codes to get the best deal possible. (Although, if you search, you might find a coupon code to use.) If, however, you need to buy online, or you find a killer deal, why not sweeten the steal by earning money back?

I'll take my $5.12 and have a latte, thank you very much....Actually, it will probably buy something more practical and cost effective, but you know what I'm saying. Shop happy!

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