Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper- $49.86 plus tax

Ok, so I've had a lot of requests to post my personal shopping lists, coupons used, and menu. However, I'm working from a stockpile of frozen and shelf-stable items as well as a binder and file-box full of coupons that you, my reader, may not have on hand. Therefore...I've decided to do a post called "Mommy's Little Helper." Below is a grocery list, coupon source, and menu plan for the current sales week. These deals are good through Tuesday, Feb 28th unless specified otherwise. I hope this helps all you mommies who have no time for coupon clipping, menu planning, or how-you-say "bathing regularly." Hehe. I've been there. Still there some days.

First let's do the shopping. ...
You'll notice that I have you going to multiple stores. That's the way to get the best deals if you have no stockpile and no plethora of coupons. While it's true that FoodMaxx and Walmart will price-match, they can't honor other stores' coupons or store brand prices. So, I've truly comprised the best prices possible this week. M-kay? Get Daddy to watch baby or get a cushy cart cover. Here we go...

Albertsons ($14.58)

(5lbs= $5)Albertsons Chicken Split Breasts or Thighs- $.99/lb

(12= $6) Essential Everyday or Albertsons Canned Beans 15oz, Tomatoes 10-15oz, or Vegetables 11-15.25oz- $.50 each with in ad coupon (this is a coupon that was mailed to you with the weekly ad/circular)

Coupon Only Valid 2/24-2/26

limit 12

Only Valid 2/24-2/26
limit 12
*stock-up price

(2lbs= $0.80) Cantaloupe- $.39/lb

(1= $2) Strawberries 1/lb, Blueberries 6oz, or Blackberries 5.6oz- $1.99 each

Foods Co ($24.14)

(2lbs- $2.74)Pork Sirloin End Chops- $1.37/lb

(6lbs= $2) Russet Potatoes- $.33/lb

(3lbs= $2.34) Fuji Apples- $.78/lb

(3lbs= $2.34) Broccoli Crowns- $.78/lb

(4= $2.72) StarKist Chunk Light Tuna, 5oz can- $.68 each

Use $1.00/4 from here

Final Price= $.43 each when you buy 4

Bread- approx $2

Oats (not instant)- approx $2

Milk- approx $3

Digiorno Pizza- approx $5

Smart & Final ($4)

First Street Long Grain Rice, 10/lb bag- $3.99

(like paying $.40/lb)

SaveMart ($7.14)

(1= $1.45) Sue Bee Aunt Sue Raw While Natural Honey, 12oz- $1.99 with in ad coupon

limit 2

Use $.55/1 from here

Final Price= as low as $1.45

(1= $1.29) Kellogg’s Krave Cereal- $1.99 with in ad coupon

limit 3

Use $.70/1 from here or 2/19 RP

Final Price= $1.29

(get 2 of each= $3) Cucumbers, Green or Red Bell Peppers- $.50 each

Wednesday- they are running this deal every Wed thru March. Pick up the other items and circle back on Wed for eggs

(2= $1.40) Sunnyside Eggs, 1 dozen- $.69 each

limit 2

Now, here's what I would make....


Breakfasts- Krave Cereal w/ milk and blueberries

Baked Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal

Scrambled eggs with cantaloupe

Lunches- leftovers

Tuna sandwiches with apples

Dinners- Pork Chops (fry in skillet or bake in oven) with homemade crockpot applesauce (peel, chop, and cook for 4-5 hours, then blend and potatoes (any way you choose)

Orange Chicken with rice

Sesame chicken with rice and broccoli

Six can chicken tortilla soup (this uses canned chicken, so you'll just sub in fresh chicken, m-kay?)

Frittata (save all the little leftovers of potato, onion, bell pepper, etc. and sauté in a oven-proof pan. Add 5 beaten eggs. Cook over medium heat till almost set. Add cheese if you've got it, then throw it in the oven under the broiler until set in the middle.)
Digiorno Pizza
Go to your parents' house and make them feed you ;)

You should a few cans of vegetables, beans, and some extra produce, and a whole lot of rice leftover. Use this to supplement your week. Get creative to make additional meals, or just roll it over to next week's ingredients. Hope this helps. Leave comments with any questions! Happy Homemaking!

Note: These recipes assume that you have a few basic items in your pantry- flour, spices, etc. To be sure that you are ready, please print out the recipes before you go shopping and add any missing items to your list.

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