Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a weekend!

We did it! My sis and I completed the Pasadena Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon benefitting Cure Mito!!! All in, our team raised over $11K to fund research into Mitochondrial Disease. And...we didn't die! In fact, we did our personal bests- 3hrs, 8min. Now, if you're a runner, this may not impress you, but for people who have very little time to train (and who planned to walk the whole way), this is pretty freakin' awesome! I will confess that I had to take a little trip to the medical tent afterwards for almost fainting/dehydration. Ya. I blame the shirts. They gave us these Shaq-sized tank jerseys to wear for the Cure Mito team. Hi. It's 50 degrees outside. So we wore long-sleeved shirts underneath. Plus, we had to be in our corral to begin by 7am. How do you hydrate that early? So, whatevs. I'm fine and so proud to have done it with my sister. We had a blast, and while our feet are a bit blistered, we are already talking about next year.

Now that this is over, I'd best get back into the swing of things with frugal tips, coupon trips, and losing weight. I have not even dared to step on the scale post-race for fear that my swollen calves and feet will weigh me down. Ha! So, I'll have to get a results post up this weekend.

P.S. On Monday night, we tried Hungry Girl's Eggplant Parmesan found here. I absolutely loved it as did our 17 month old (go figure), but Dahubs was not such a fan. I neglected to take pictures because we were so hungry, but why don't you try it yourself and send me a picture of yours? ;)

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