Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Minute Valentine's Decor Post

So, Dahubby and I really aren't big on Valentine's Day. It's not that we have anything against it- we think it's great to have a special day that's not your anniversary set aside to be extra special romantic together. Unfortunately, when it's everyone else's day too...well, that gets crowded and expensive. That's why we have our extra special romantic day on St. Patrick's Day. And that's always been fine with me. In years past, I've babysat for other couples or hosted something for single friends or done girls night out. But, this year, something compelled me to make it cool again....Must be my extra special Valentine, my B-bear. Anyway, I don't have a budget line for holiday decorating, so I had to get creative. I started by gathering everything in our house that was red, had hearts or flowers, or otherwise seemed appropriate. I laid down a red shawl that we picked up in Israel a few years ago and started arranging until I was happy. I spent $0 on this tablescape, and realized that I had inadvertently gathered super lovey-dovey stuff- a framed picture of flowers that Dahubs took, a bottle that contained a letter he wrote me on our first St. Patty's day, a "B" for his last name that is mine now too, a candle, a heart box from a friend, a lamp that we got as newlyweds, a flower-shaped candle, and last but not least- my wedding bouquet! Isn't it funny how God chooses to bless us when we honor him with our finances?

BTW- I don't typically do tablescapes on my actual dining table because that is where I sit to coupon, etc. Also, here's a shot of my mantle- I wasn't sure what to do in here with green walls-pink? Well, I'm not a pink gal, so there's no existing decor to recycle. I like just seeing our cards there along side an engagement picture and a shot from our wedding. Sweet and simple.

Hope you all have a fab V-day! Hugs from the Dahoney!

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