Monday, February 6, 2012

What a weekend!

Good heavens! What a weekend! Here's what we were up to:

Increasing Income- Cashed in 2 bags of plastic bottles, and 1 bag of cans= $5.88 which went towards my FoodsCo shopping trip.
Making beans from scratch- This was my first successful attempt at doing this. Go here to get all the details on different methods. I soaked mine overnight (1 part beans to 2 parts water approximately), then covered them with an inch of water in the crockpot and cooked on high for 6 hours. Perfect! It's so much less expensive ($5.99/10lbs at Smart & Final right now) and a lot less sodium and preservatives than canned beans.
Discovered the loveliness of Chocolate Covered Katie- I made these Chocolate Mousse Frosting Shots (recipe here) as well as some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip (recipe here) from her website. Gluten Free, no white sugar, and sooooooo delicious!!! Everyone at our family Super Bowl party was amazed at the dip- made with chickpeas! What?!?! Don't be scared. It's ah-mah-zing!
Freezer Cooking- I may be stalking Save At Home Mommy. I made her Frozen Burritos which you can find here. They are ginormous and tasty and easy and cheap and everything else that you could want in a throw-together, super handy meal. They may not be the super healthiest on the planet, but I guarantee this is going to save us from eating out and it's definitely healthier than that. Plus, I got all the ingredients on the cheap- Beans at Smart & Final- $5.99 for 10lbs, Rice at Winco- $9.98 for 20lbs, Shredded Cheese at Target with coupon- $3.00 for 4 cups, Tortillas at Winco- $1.88 for 10 count. I figured it out to be about $0.60 per burrito!!! It only used like a gagillionth of my beans and rice.

What were you up to? Hope you had fun watching the Super Bowl!

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