Thursday, January 5, 2012

Increasing Income- Ebay

As stated in previous posts, I am attempting to find ways to contribute to our household income without going outside the home. So, each Thursday, I hope to bring you an update on how God is providing an increase in income. Today, I bring you the great and wonderful Ebay!!!

Once a year, Dahubby and I like to pull out DVDs, clothes, electronics, books, household items, etc. that we no longer use or need and sell them on Ebay. We find that this purge helps to keep us from drowning in belongings. I never want to be one of those people who has their house stuffed to the gills but isn't a generous giver with a healthy financial life. Do you? Do you have "stuff" that you haven't touched in a year? Instead of hanging on to it in case you start liking it again, do you want a little extra money to put toward your financial goals? Then clean out the cupboards, closets, the nooks and the crannies and get to listing!

Below is what we have made in the last 48 hours!! And I've only had time to list the DVDs!!

Selling totals
Will sell1
Sold (last 31 days)
Payments (last 31 days)
Not received
Total sales:

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