Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2- Results Show

Ha! I can almost see Bob (from Biggest Loser) shaking his head. The dreaded curse of Week 2. No, I didn't lose any weight this week. Bummer. But I am not discouraged. Take a look at all God brought about in my life this week:

Steps forward:
  • I was well enough to add in P90X workouts to my week. Having taken so much time off from P90X, and needing to make my 1/2 marathon training the priority meant that I only got in 3 of the 6 workouts this week. However, I consider this forward progress and will not apologize for being more active than I was last week. So there!
  • I was able to train with my sister for the first time, and we walked 8 miles. If it hadn't been for the stoplights, we would've made it in 2 hours flat. Our goal is to get through all 13.1 miles of the 1/2 marathon next month in 3.25 hours. We are getting there! That's the farthest either of us have walked yet.
  • Despite having to travel out of town, and this meaning that I had to eat out, I made healthy choices (Turkey Burgers from Carls) and stayed within my calorie goal every day but yesterday. Hey! Walking 8 miles will work up an appetite!
  • Probably the most exciting step forward this week has been our continued success on Ebay! Man! People will buy anything! Dvds, books, old phones, even broken electronics to use for parts. We made an additional $380.0 this week!!! That's on top of Dan's guitar lessons and my babysitting. Seriously. This stuff was just taking up space in our home. We aren't selling stuff we don't use at all. And, the best part is...there are still a bunch of listings that haven't gone yet!
Steps back (yes, we have to be honest with ourselves):
  • We ended up going about $40 over budget this pay-period with groceries mostly because our little guy is eating like a horse and peeing like one too. All that money went to more diapers, wipes, and baby food than I had anticipated consuming. To correct this, I'm going to find the bestest deals on these items and put them at the top of my grocery list so that we don't run out.
  • We also, as mentioned, spent a little money on eating out- approx $15. Not good. Fortunately, we have not yet hit our $50/month eating out cap, so we are still ok there. It's a strange thing to see how accustomed we have become to "picking something up." It's a bad habit that God is stripping from our lives. Not easy, but worth it for our physical and mental well-being.
  • Yes, I will count the lack of weight loss as a step back. Actually, it's more like standing still which is not good either. I am pretty confident that I am retaining water in my muscles from the long walk I took yesterday. So, rather than get down about it, I am simply looking forward to greater losses next week.
I hope God is bringing about great things in your life this year and that you are making strides to be more physically and fiscally fit. Please leave comments with questions, suggestions, or recipes you'd like to see featured. I want to hear from you, friends! ;)

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