Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Night's Dinner-Noodlicious Zucchini Pancakes

So, this week, I've decided to try out some of Hungry Girl's online recipes so that if something looks good to you, you can easily go and try it yourself without having to buy the cookbook. First up...last night's dinner was Noodlicious Zucchini Pancakes found here. I thought they were fantastic. Simply delicious! As easy as grating some veggies and mixing up batter. And a big dollop of fat free sour cream put it right over the top! Now, I super love croquettes, latkes, as well as zucchini and mushrooms which star in this particular dish. If you don't like those things, this may not be for you. Dahubs was not a fan, but that's ok. More for me! And, at 50 calories a pancake, why not have a few? They're just tofu noodles and veggies for heaven's sake. ;) Happy Chewing!

P.S. Aren't you glad I finally figured out how to do a hyperlink? Hehe

Dahubby says, "Not my favorite. I ate it to be polite. I think it was the texture. I like a dough-ier feel to my pancake."

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