Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I was up to over the weekend....

Well, first, thanks to a tip on Facebook from www.saveathomemommy.com, I checked out some clearance bins at Albertsons and found canned pumpkin for $0.25/can!! and Almond Bark for $0.50/package! Canned Pumpkin is a Hungry Girl staple, so you'll be seeing this a lot in upcoming recipe reviews. As for the Almond Bark, it's good till next Christmas, so no pressure to get baking, just a good item for the stockpile at an incredible price. Basically, I spend $3.50, and saved like $35.00!
Also, having given in and had personal sized Digiornos on Friday, I decided to make the Hungry Girl version on Saturday. I mean, who's going to say no to pizza even if you just had it the night before? Well, Dahubs is wishing I had. The crust was a mash-up of oats and Fiber One and Egg Beaters and it had this weird, slightly sweet, cookie-ish, graininess to it that we did not care for. Fortunately, there are about 7,000 variations of pizza in this cookbook. Hungry Girl knows what I like, we just have to find the perfect healthy version for us. How was your weekend? Get any good deals? Losing weight? Allowing God to transform your life into what He always meant it to be? Get on it!

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