Monday, January 2, 2012

Issuing the challenge

Yes. I believe in New Year's resolutions. They work for me. I believe they can work for you too with just a little adjustment in thinking. Instead of outlining what I will force myself (through sheer will) to do this year, I try to envision all that I feel God desires my life to be. Then, I break down those big ideas into some tangible, achievable tasks that are possible with God's grace (i.e. just outside of what I can achieve on my own.) Since I know I am relying on God's grace, there is no failure, only growth towards Him. It's like that old cheesy saying, "Shoot for the Moon, and you'll land among the stars." Not a bad place to end the year.

So, what are my 2012 resolutions? They are simple, but big ideas. Over the last few years, I have become increasingly convicted that Americans (of which I am chief) have become over-fed, over-indulgent, spoiled brats. We are fat. We spend too much money on things we don't truly need. All to our own detriment. Yes. My New Year's Resolutions are to lose weight and save money. Shocking.

Oh, you've heard it all, have you? You've seen your friends and families make claims of doing this and fall on their faces. Well, let me tell you why you should stick around and watch what God is going to do here at Dahoney Designs.... He has already begun!

Since my son was born, I have lost all 54...yes, 54lbs of baby weight! (Long story, don't ask.) I have worked for two of the most successful weight loss companies in America, and God is using that training to push me towards a healthier version of myself. I have confidence in Christ to carry me through the next several months as I get back to my wedding weight- a mere 36lbs more. Now, I don't intend to be your personal Jillian Michaels. I cannot give you each a menu to follow. But, I can show you mine, and prove to you that it is possible to lose weight while......saving money.

I am not interested in simply saving a buck here or a buck there. I want to consistently pay less than half of the retail cost of my groceries without eating Hamburger Helper. God has already brought coupons, and many couponing friends into my life. I have a small stockpile of healthy and beauty items, and I trust Him to grow that stockpile in 2012. But, I also want to find money in unexpected places. I want to honor my position as a stay-at-home mom by contributing to our financial goals, not just trying to stay out of the way and not buy new shoes. Most of all, I want to continue learning to be a good steward of what God has given me. I mean a crazy good steward. As in free stuff. Upcycling. Literally counting (and using) pennies. Shifting my priorities to get where God has called us to be- free of financial obligation to others and working towards a place in the future where our giving can exceed our spending.

Does this sound like fun to you? It sounds like exciting work to me. If you have ideas to share, requests to make, or comments to leave, please do so. My mind almost always underestimates my Lord, and I can't wait to see Him change our lives!

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