Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3- Results Show

This was a difficult week- lots of traveling, soreness from my long walk last weekend, and overall exhaustion from the general busyness of life. Still....I lost another 1.4 lbs (that brings my total to 4 even), and made another $187 (for a total of $767 this month)!!

Steps forward:
  • Well, obviously losing weight is fantastic in any amount. And, 1.4 lbs is a safe, healthy rate even if it doesn't change my pant size just yet.
  • Despite having to eat out several times due to travel, I tried to make healthy choices (i.e. turkey burger, no fries)
  • We are continuing to have success on Ebay! I know this will taper off soon, but for now, we are enjoying the forward momentum. Plus, my trip to Plato's Closet this week was quite successful. Yay!
  • I discovered a new and delicious way to use all the canned Pumpkin in my stockpile. Ha! Check out my recipe earlier this week. So yummy!
Steps backward:
  • I'm not sure if I would even call this a step back because everyone deserves a little break now and again, but I totally chowed on pizza and cake at my nephew's bday party. I didn't even feel guilty...well, maybe a little now, but it was nice to have fun and not worry too much. Hey, this is a long journey, there will be pizza pit stops!
  • We spent more money than we wanted too this week. I think I've learned the importance of having some convenience foods in the house, despite their lack of nutritional super powers. It's better to eat a Digiorno at home for $6.50 and consume 800 calories than to spend $20 eating out and pack in 1800. Know what I'm sayin'?
  • I only got in 2 days of P90X and 3 days of walking this week. So, I guess I should be grateful I lost at all, huh? Sheesh! Hope I have better energy and more focus next week!
I am anxious to see how this next week goes. I really want to finish up this month strong. I am going to be doing a Jillian Michaels cleanse this week which should be interesting. NO, I did not say fast, I said cleanse. It's just a tea/juice/water concoction that she recommends to battle bloat and help your kidneys and liver get a little healthier. (If you weren't around me when I gave birth, you should know that my liver decided to spill toxins out my skin and made me itch like crazy for months. So, yes, I like to care for my liver and such, mkay?) I will post the recipe soon and journal my results.

Have a great week, friends!

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