Sunday, January 8, 2012

Physically, Fiscally, Fizzy-Cali Fit- The Results Show

As a way of holding myself accountable to my goals, I will be posting my results each week. So here's how we did:

Steps forward:
  • Lost 2.6lbs- This makes me happy, especially when I consider that I didn't get in much exercise this week. Ever try to jump around with a sinus infection? Feels like your face is going to explode. Also, the meals we ate were by and large healthier versions of the yummy stuff we like to eat. I, in no way, felt deprived or starved. I'm anxious to see what can happen now that I am well enough to "bring it." All my P90X-ers know what I'm saying.
  • Made $200 extra- We were able to sell an old coffee table and two matching side tables on Craigslist this week. They were cool, but not at all baby friendly. So that $120 combined with our $80 in Ebay sales (still several pending so that should make for a nice total next week), brings us to $200.
  • Stayed on budget for groceries- This may leave me with a challenge as I now have to finish grocery shopping for the week (some already purchased- see Albertsons post), as well as restock diapers, wipes and baby food on $50. Fingers crossed!
Steps back:
  • Ate out- We were bad yesterday and got a couple of Whoppers and fries. Now, we did use a BOGO coupon, but still, it was a reminder that old habits die hard. $7.50 over budget for eating out this week, and though we course-corrected for the calories later, the fat and sodium were unacceptable.
  • We ate "off menu"- On Friday night, I was supposed to make HG pizzas, but was so tired that we ended up having the Single Serve Digiornos that I picked up at Albertsons. It was within our budget and calories, but the fat was too high. And, I realized as I was pulling them out of the oven, starving to death, that I could have made the HG version a heck of a lot faster.
Que sera sera...I'd say we ended up ahead this week! Hope you all are having as much fun and success with your New Year's Resolutions!

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  1. Great job, Brittany! Proud of you, my friend, and it was great catching up with you on Friday! See you Tuesday morning with Zoe-bear!