Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Saving 90% on home entertainment!

As mentioned in previous posts, we are attempting to cut back- way back- and to find income in unexpected places this year. It's all in an effort to allow God to transform our lives physically, fiscally, and, I'm sure, otherwise.

We can't believe that we've been paying roughly $80 for cable TV when bundled with our internet! Now, we are big TV fans...many of our friends attribute their addictions to LOST, Chopped, and River Monsters to us. And, we maintain that good shows are fun and can be enjoyed as each family feels is appropriate for them. We like to veg out! But, we have also discovered that we end up watching less than stellar programming and too much of it, even with Tivo!

What's our proposed solution? Certainly not to give up all of our home entertainment. We will be switching to Hulu Plus. It's roughly 10% of our previous bill, and there's no temptation to leave the tube on all day in the background. You have to be intentional when viewing shows online, and that mommy likes!

As a side-note, since we will be viewing fewer fast-food commercials, and spending less time in general parked on the couch, I anticipate this being very beneficial to our fitness goals. Will it be an easy adjustment? Probably not. I will miss Matt Lauer and Sandra Lee. I miss my money more though. ;)

We'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Between Hulu Plus and Netflix I don't miss cable much at all. I only wish BBC was on Hulu Plus...

  2. We started watching Dr. Who via Amazon Prime last night! Free with Prime membership. Are there other BBC shows you wish you could watch without cable? Maybe we can find them elsewhere?

  3. I just enjoy BBC in general. BUT I do wish I had a way to watch Sherlock. By the way if you haven't discovered Benedict Cumberbatch in a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, you must check it out!

    PS: It makes me very happy that you started Doctor Who. :D Which doctor did you start with?